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Aims of the Center

Prefessor,Naoki Shikazono
Professor, Director of CEE
Naoki Shikazono

Energy and environmental technologies are expected to have important roles ensuring energy security under conditions of tight supply and demand as well as the requirement for reductions of CO2 emissions to help prevent global warming.
The Collaborative Research Center for Energy Engineering was established to develop innovative technologies that will be essential for solving energy and environmental issues.

The aims of the Collaborative Research Center for Energy Engineering are:
  1. Creation of a center at The University of Tokyo for international coordination of energy and environmental engineering
  2. Development of advanced technologies for energy utilization
  3. Construction of an academic structure encompassing energy and environmental engineering fields
  4. Promotion of a sustainable society by establishing industry-government-academia cooperation
  5. Creative cultivation of human resources with a comprehensive view that will have an important role in the development of innovative energy technology
Energy and environmental issues cover a wide range and need to be resolved applying long-term vision. Our ultimate goal is to simultaneously resolve energy and environmental issues by developing comprehensive innovative technologies.
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